Who is Darrell B. Nelson?

Darrell B. Nelson was grown in a lab!

Well, his mom was a physicist who worked in a lab.

He was trained at an early age to dominate the literary world!

His mom read to him every night, made sure he had plenty of books around and took him to the library once a week.

He was exposed to incredible scientific possibilities!

His mom gave him lots of science fiction books to read and let him watch B-Movies.

In college he met a mad scientist who would further his goals!

He met his wife who shared his passion for B-Movies.

The two of them recruited evil minions!

They got some cats.

Their evil minions would ruthlessly destroy any enemies on command!

As long as those enemies were mice and the command ended in, 'you know, whenever you get around to it.'

He worked on great projects and had side projects to keep his interest!

He wrote 'serious' books and goofed around by writing spoofs of the B-Movies with books like An Extra Topping of Horror & Showgirls and Aliens.

The literary world was blind sided by his side projects!

B-Movie fans liked stories by a fellow fan and gave good reviews.

The world will soon bow down before him when he unleashes his vision for the future!

Soon to be released is a series of sci-fi novellas that poke fun at different sub-genres, Film Noir, Golden Age Serials, Space Opera, Men in Black conspiracies, the world of Jules Verne and more. Keeping the optimism and wonder that made these stories great while being cheesier than pizza delivered to a dairy plant and pulpier than a glass of fresh squeezed Florida Orange Juice.